The only producer of geotextiles up to 7 meters wide in Iran

Specialized machines

This company is the only owner of specialized geotextile production machines in Iran and, like other manufacturers, does not use carpet production machines for geotextiles.

Custom grammage, universal quality

Due to the use of specialized geotextile production machines in this company, while producing at the world quality level, the ability to produce with high heat is also exclusively at the disposal of this company.

High quality raw materials

The company is one of the few manufacturers of geotextiles with polypropylene or polyester fibers using first-class and non-waste materials. Of course, the raw materials can be changed to the customer’s order.

ISO 9001

  • Holds international management, design and production certification from TÜV NORD Germany ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 9001: 2015
  • Process documentation, continuous improvement and internal and external monitoring, and annual certification

Specialized laboratory

  • Establishment and equipping of specialized laboratories inside the factory
  • Regular monitoring and quality control of products according to ASTM standard
  • Registration and archiving of technical specifications and samples of products after testing

Adherence to commitments

  • Provide the product in accordance with the technical specifications
  • Timely delivery
  • quality guarantee
  • Responding and gaining customer satisfaction
  • Continuous research and development and knowledge promotion

About us

Sepid Sanat Textiles Company

Sepid Sanat Company has started producing non-woven textiles in the country since 1981 and is one of the first producers of this product in Iran. The company has been producing geotextiles up to 7 meters wide, with the Geofam brand, in accordance with international standards, since 1996, using the most specialized and advanced technology in the world, with the aim of providing the best and highest quality in the product.