Geomembrane sheets in rolls in thickness with 1mm, 1.5 mm and 2 mm and in widths of 2 to 7.5 meters. Geomembrane are unique features include:
Resistance against cold 9 degrees to 97+ degrees C heat-resistant algae and moss growth, not taking part in chemical reactions, high strain, resistant to sunlight, high resistance to diverse meeting facilities or drift to the ground by the quake and running very quickly, they pointed out.
Sealing and construction of agricultural water storage ponds, aquaculture ponds, municipal and industrial water treatment plants for tunnels, underground (metro, urban tunnels between the road) and water transport channels, foundation insulation of buildings and structures



Geomembrane Introduce

Synthetic polymers used to manufacture Geomembranes. Layers and old water membrane with low permeability that the projects have and used to. Especially near the surface of the dam upstream or placed high on the approach.

Geomembrane Importantance

The need for low permeability, high installation speed, performance, remarkable resistance to chemicals and resistance to tearing and even environmental disruption, especially in dam projects, such as preventing fluid flow to a region with drinking water, waste imprisonment prevent movement of waste and harmful substances, including radioactive materials to the environment and the material trapped in the hydraulic structures, hydraulic structures used in the above paragraph, chemical and municipal waste, leakage control and control of inflationary soil, underground water tank prevent groundwater movement (offer dam) over the foundation and even impermeable the tunnel, they noted the importance of the use of these materials.

Executive constraints Geomembrane

The dam is the dam Geomembrane applications requiring compression.

Application of Geomembrane in need after the concrete is flat and static.

High slope stability analysis should be located near the geomembrane materials are consider to saturate.

The stability of the protective layer of Geomembrane to performed to assess the effect of rapid depletion of reservoir water and waves.

In size, providing the transition layer between the body and Geomembrane barrier must be efficient to transmit filter, drainage and protection membrane is a Geomembrane.

Construction and selection criteria are Geomembrane

Now Geomembrane with a number of polymers, elastomers commonly used membranes are armed or protected. The Geomembrane following criteria must be consider:

Flexibility necessary to move large unexpected asymmetrical inside the embankment with the ability to operate at low temperatures – about 45 degrees – the necessary chemical resistance contact materials, high resistance during construction, as well as the possibility of connecting at relatively low temperatures high temperature


Noting that in recent years in the fields of Geosynthetic and progress achieved in the field of soil engineering synthetic materials and the wide range of development projects led to the increasing popularity of artificial materials as the material is valuable. Another way that the use of natural materials alone is not responsible. It is natural to synthetic materials such as sand and other building materials have their limitations and their resistance properties Dam engineers to be developed.

Technical Specifications


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