road infrastructure:

Geotextile in this application due to the location of one or more primary role is to work in Subgrade and rocky material and grain separation occurs, the filtration, geotextiles, water, What is the pressure of the dynamic forces and constant current to pass through the filter And the entry into the soft soil foundation stone layer (Aggregate) and the drainage layer is prevented In the invigoration, strengthens soft material Subgrade (the CBR 3 <) is; And the CBR is desirable to increase the distribution of regional and local press down Waste rock and granular sought to prevent the Subgrade soft and moist, and the Improve the drainage of the road.

Road infrastructure:

Geotextile (geofam) is used in this application according to the location of the site in one or several main roles in the subgrade between the stone and the earth:

In filtration: geotextile (geofam), water acts under the influence of dynamic forces and in the constant flow, as well as the filter, and passes through the water, allowing the soil to enter soft soil into the Aggregate layer and Prevents drainage layers.

Strengthening: It strengthens soft materials (Subgrade) and increases the amount of CBR to a desirable extent and prevents submersion of soft and wet substrates by local and regional pressure distribution.

And also the role of drainage on the road. Also, heavy-punched geotextiles (heat-filled geophysics) act as surface conveyors to the edges (earth’s shoulders) of roads and roads, so that the surface waters that penetrate the underlying layers of the asphalt absorb and Directs around. This action will cause the surface of the pavement to suffer from short-lived surface cracks, reflections, and lizards caused by sunlight and friction caused by light and heavy traffic passing through a considerable delay.

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