Roof Iran – Sepid Sanaat Companies (the first geotextile manufacturer with a width of 7 meters), a manufacturer of insulation and geotextiles of the exploitation license of the Ministry of Industry from 1360 to produce various types of nonwoven (geotextile) in different grams is different. We are proud that in addition to exporting our products could cooperate with major institutions and organizations such as:

other project

1. Tehran Subway – O3 station
2. Tehran Subway – L3 Station
3. Tehran Subway – Hakim Station
4. Mashhad Subway – Jam & Honey Station
5. Mashhad Urban Railway – Line 2
6. Tehran Subway – Tunnel Phase 1
7. Zamin Peymayesh Co.
8. Poolad Kaf Co. floor ski resort project Margoon Shiraz
9. And potassium permanganate company Zanjan
10. Sazaneh Beton Co. – Boushehr Site
11. Sadra new city – Shiraz
12. Aroon Ab Co. (Bina) – Mahshahr Site
13. Pishroo Ab Alborz Co.
14. Nasle Bartar Novin Co.
15. Pasteurized milk Pegah – Khousestan
16. Sazeh Ab Tunnel Co.
17. Mazandaran Gas Co.
18. Oil wells Kangan – Asalouye
19. Chaman Saz Co.
20. Baktash Chaman Co.
21. Jahad Water Resources Development
22. Game Abi Co.
23. Zanjan DarlGhoraan
24. Tehran Summit (roof garden)
25. Shahid Keshvari Stadium
26. Shahid Paknejad Stadium
27. Lawn Floor Tabriz Stadium
28. Lawn Floor Oroumieh Stadium
29. Lawn Floor Maraghe Stadium
30. Border rods Aras River
31.Export to Erbil Iraq
32.Shahid Pourzaki Stadium – Rasht
33.Oil Company (sports complex and ski training Abali)
34.Water and wastewater treatment plants Hamedan
35.Shemiranat’s Martyrs Stadium
36.Khayam Powerhouse – Neishabour
37.Mechanization Zolfaghar Tip 38
38.Shahid Bakeri Stadium
39.Satari & Hakim Highway
40.Watershed forests

41.Koh Sangi Project
42.Sun City International Exhibition
43.Kasha Lout Co.
44.Arian Armeh Co.
45.Chilko Co.
46.Jahad Nasr Semnan Co.
47.Dam bridge Pasargadae Co.
48.Foulad Sakhteman Ista Co.
49.Baktash Chaman Co.
50.Saman Mohit Co.
51.Sepid Gostar Soroush Co.
52.Bolan Tabaghe Co.
53.Rah Bord Sazeh Co.
54.Para Poyesh Co.
55.Special Machine Manufacturing Co.
56.Zarkoh Co. (Sarigoni Gold Mine) Ongoing Project
57.Export to Turkmenistan
58.Export to Azerbaijan
59.Export to Afghanistan
60.Export to Georgia
61.Export to Kazakhstan
62.Mashhad Urban Railway Project
63.tehran-nourth free way
64.Irrigation project under pressure from Agricultural Jahad in Golestan province
65.Jahan pars  Engineering Company and dozens of other construction projects
66.Atieh gharb hospital project
67.export to Turkmenistan
68.export to afghanistan
69.export to tajikistan
70.export to Georgia
71.export to Kazakhstan