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The roof garden is a green roof, a modern technology that is actually on the roof and terrace are appropriate for the growth of vegetation. This is in addition to the beauty of the vegetation that give benefits to your roof, including that can reduce inlet air temperature to the House through the roof in the summer and also in winter time reduces energy consumption through heating. The garden on the roof due to high exposure in the environment and under the roof of the sky, feel the pleasant and relaxing to you and you easily with a few minutes of rest in such a space can, regardless of all the difficulties and complexities of life feel comfort. Another advantage of the sunny roof garden is the amount of light they receive, in the absence of a municipal building to prevent the sunbathing lawns are inside the courtyard, roof garden During the day they get enough sunlight and the lush plants and breeding in the more significant impact them



A method of using Geodrain for layers in this way how to work with the use of a geomembrane layer as a seal layer, a layer of water and a preservative Geodrain two to three layers of geotextile as a filter and separator.

Characteristics and application of Geodrain in creating a layer of green space

The upper drainage capacity for green roof.

The ability to Exchange air, and due to the hole between the tread water storage would pass.

The right cover and ideal for moving the roof.

Reduce watering courses

Part of a flood management strategy.

Due to having a new tread with a height of Octagon avraneh 0/2 mm is an ideal product for protection and drainage goes one and on 15 kg of compressive strength featured Newton square meters and a capacity of keeping the top of the water.

The special structure of the tread are allowed to freely move air for aerobic growth of the plant and form a strong root systems.

Characteristics and application of geotextile layers

Lightweight and easy application

The best water to provide drainage.


To help maintain soil stability and style.

In contact with the soil does not rot have style


Characteristics and application of geomembranes

Polyethylene special stable

High strength to resist the influence of the roots of the invasive plants

Impact-resistant and does not absorb water

Compatible with the insulation and asphalt and tar paper

The benefits of green roof
Lifetime waterproof coating layer below.

Fluctuations in the temperature of the inside of the building to minimize cooling in the summer and causes.

Thermal protection and more valuable heat energy in the winter.

With a high capacity for water retention, reduces the load on the system pipes.

Acted as a sound insulation and sound up to eighty debit diminishes.

Reduces dust and pollution.


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