Geogrid network polymer materials which are their main applications arming soil. However, in some cases for separation and filtration are used.
Geogrid types:
Geogrid according to two items: a) Ingredient b) production can be classified.
Geogrid used in the production of polymers, which are:
Polyproplin (pp):
The cheapest type of polymer geogrid is in the making. This type of geogrid creep resistance after less than one-third reduced.
Polyethylene (PE):
This type of polymers to produce polymers PP geogrid to the more popular and creep resistance to 36% of its ultimate strength, and particle types can be used chemical environments.
Polyester (PET):
This type of polymers least resistance to creep and creep resistance after the 5/63% of ultimate strength polyester geogrids Myrsd.astfadh the alkaline environment is not recommended.



Infrastructure of roads and passages

One of the factors in the design and construction of the route that they strengthen and stabilize loose pitches cross platform way is that if you don’t have access to the appropriate platform, superstructure is the way is also gradually on the basis of the following contour bed and will be lost. Therefore, the order can be used by themselves, because of the technical specifications of the appropriate distribution network traffic loads on better done and avoid topical meetings and symmetrical.

The application in the revival of the coastal lands
One of the most important cases of the use of land and the land recovered from the revival by themselves, the sea is this operation in order to sought for construction of building structures or walls of the conservation and protection of marine and coastal Beach land is possible.

The application in the revival of the coastal lands
Privileges, such as: high tensile strength, resistance to corrosive acids and absorption and distribution of stresses the use of geogrid in concrete affordable. Penetration of moisture into the concrete does not have any negative impact on themselves, and thus the thickness of the concrete cover can be a significant boon to the syntax.

Application of geogrid reinforced in soil
Geogrid can cause problems that the construction of heavy structures and poor soil on soil detritus are no need to pile soil excavation operation and tattoo or planning to solve this by making the layers of geogrid on loose soil and l.a. to its appropriate intervals in the mud that disruptive levels off, can be achieved. Geogrid made of a polymeric network materials P. P Castrod method that produces high quality and resistance. Of geogrid for retrofitting the ground, soil and slope are used. Resistant against UV rays and in the width 80 cm to 2 meters yield a marketable and acceptable. Geogrid increases the amount of tolerance, diversity, reduced control of the thickness of the layers and split times increase in level. Geogrid cushion on the roads, construct buildings, retrofitting the passages in the fields, the taxi route, retrofitting the planes and so on can be used. Geogrid to create green space (Land Scape), construction industry and civil engineering. Themselves can be combined with geotextile to create more resistance in case of need. Geogrid in the width 80 cm to 2 meters and the length of the unlimited (according to order) marketable and easy and quick to install.

Technical Specifications


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