Geodrain sheets of polymer (polyethylene) with a low thickness (mm) and are rated the overhang that the aim of the circular protrusion to create a space suitable for drainage operations with debit. Geodrain sheets are generally in the parts of the structures are that it has 2 large areas or even have water of this liner can be used simultaneously as a thermal insulation And a drainage with high discharge and is this sheet of severe attacks against Microorganism, microbiology and also very resistant plants roots and rodents.



Common applications of Geodrain

  • The way the water under the Earth’s surface
  • Drainage level (for example: in sports covered)
  • Drainage slopes
  • Drainage tunnels
  • Surface drainage shirvani (especially in areas with green space to prevent water penetration into the lower layers)
  • Drainage of roofs (if creating a green space at the top of buildings)
  • Drainage particularly in building walls near the buried laying underground floors to prevent water penetration into the wall
  • Reinforced earth structures drainage
  • The surrounding drainage gabion
  • To guide water to prevent scour and sliding slope
  • Drainage for streets and roads
  • The road bed drainage.


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