Geo Component

Compound Needle-punching Geotextile Fabric (PP woven fabric/Polyester Nowoven Fabric )

This kind of geotextile fabric has the advantages of both above chemical fibers. It has high tensile & tearing strength of PP woven fabric and can keep good strenth with big elongation both in wet/dry conditions. This compound geotextile fabric has good water/air permeability (there are many gap between fibers), resistance against UV (sunshine) and high melting permeability of Polyester nonwoven fabric. This geotextile fabric has a long-term Corrosion resistance in the different pH of the soil and water. It has good resistance for microorganisms and insects.

Finally this gestextile fabric is fit for verious kinds of constructions, such as road, railway, airport, water conservancy and etc. Because it is very easy for transportation and laying and is convenient for transport as the material is very light.


Technical Specifications


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