The main source of unwanted damage to roads, water injection into the structure through the cracks in the surface of the carpet. When making or renewing carpet highways, roads, runways sites parking interpolation between the coated fabric connectivity (tack coat) and a new layer of asphalt has created an effective moisture barrier against the infiltration of surface water, and the following supporting. In this application, the geotextile has two mechanisms to improve the performance of the coating. First, as an intermediate layer to absorb the tension, the release of reflection cracking (Reflective) coating from the old to the new coating to prevent or delay the second, a layer of moisture from entering through cracks in precipitation and surface water asphalt into Subgrade and humidification of the substrate and subsequent failures and weakness prevents Subgrade. The method is often used for reconstruction (restoration) cracked and crumbling roads used, AC coating. This practice covers the Turks and after the coating was replaced temporarily, any lateral or longitudinal movement of the roads leading to the release of new cracks in the veneer prior to coating and reflective cracking occurs. This motion causes the sheet and ulcerate and become a reflection and a way to cut through the cracks penetrate into the surface layer is the foundation and Subgrade. Under the cover of the new AC, geotextiles can move to fend off pressures from the previous coating, tensile strength to create. Geotextile as a middle layer acts to dissipate the pressure of the horizontal and vertical cracks. Geotextile, impregnated with asphalt, an impervious layer to the surface creates. Origin and affinity for the polymer fibers with oil, bitumen absorption and binding Tack coat layers to be done well

دسته‌ها: دسته‌بندی نشده
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