Nonwoven and woven Geotextiles(geofam) soluble liquid and gas gathering systems, these products are used for the elution efficiency of the system for the landfill and groundwater increases. Select Geotextiles(geofam)nonwovens for clean environment and waste management as well as the choice for underground drainage systems. Nonwoven layers of heavyweight, generally are good for this. The oil and gas pipelines, to curb the power of the float and prevent upward movement of the fluid passes through the tubes to increase the vertical force, measures taken in the past that this was done with concrete weights. Therefore, in the absence of the weight of concrete, soil and pipe materials over the counter force will move up the tube, but if you use the integrated system can geotextiles (geofam)total weight of the soil and the soil around the pipe and the walls of the channel applied to the surface of the pipe section and thus to achieve sufficient weight to counteract buoyancy force Mechanism geotextile(geofam) distribution proportional to the weight of the soil on the surface of the tube, the tensile and tear strength geotextile(geofam) guarantees sufficient to overcome the buoyancy force. In addition, the water absorption by geotextile(geofam) cause the water to penetrate and capture capability Bgzary channel and control the water flow at the chip level crossing itself is drilled

دسته‌ها: دسته‌بندی نشده
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