Geomembrane Protection

Protect the geomembrane Effectively as a protective cushion geotextile(geofam) layers of waste management protcet the Perforation and other damage. Geomembrane layer, coated structures and systems to Stregthen Bypvshsh very sturdy woven geomembrane layer of protection againstSevere pressure due to the diffrent surface layers are used. Without the protective Layers, sharp edges and waste materials causing injury basement membrane and ultimately Reduce the quality and efficiency of the layers. Nonwoven layers of heavy weight,Weighting 300 to 500 grams, to protect the geomembrane. Dams Geotextile applications in the field of anti Bsazy dams to prevent leakage of water from The dam and its gradual destruction prevented. In this application, the geotextile heavy (4t 500) as aprotective layer membrane geomembrane (who plays the role of the impervious layer) is used. Geotextiles as well as surface drainage and moisture transfer into the drains
below the dam is a dam wall.

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