Erosion control

Geotextile and granular filters replace broken stone gravel below (Rip Rap) or concrete blocks and in some cases the drainage canals, beaches, docks and dams and protective systems used. Without a geotextile filter, wave action and water movement, soil erosion Reinforced Subgrade under a layer of gravel or concrete or a boulder advantage of Subgrade Layer (Rip Rap) degrade and cause extensive overhaul is necessary. Geotextile choice for permanent erosion control is similar to the underground drainage. However, erosion control applications often require high strength properties is Geotextiles. Drainage canals, beaches, bridges, structures and systems for corrosion protection of water (water erosion) of the role of geotextile material is applied. Without the filter, water wave impacts, Subgrade material from under a rock (Rip Rap) or the corrosion of reinforced concrete. Degradation and erosion Subgrade, stone or reinforced foil shielding provides advantages and performance, leading to the need for major repairs and replacement is costly

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