The benefits of artificial grass

The benefits of artificial grass especially include:

  • Artificial grass is a lifetime
  • Artificial grass by atmospheric conditions not affected
  • Artificial grass maintenance is less need
  • Artificial grass is ideal for technical training
  • Artificial turf allows you to invest your next couple of years.
How long is a synthetic grass does it work?
The expected life span for the artificial turf depends on keeping it and how and the intensity of the game on it. as standard, you can work on the 10-year average of that account. After this time, the State lawn little by little changes and in this case it needs to get refreshed.
Are barely comparable with artificial grass land lawn is normal?
Hard artificial turf with natural grass field is good. Because artificial turf because of the tires, the feeling is soft. Now choose between SBR, EPDm and TPE to fill the earth with various colors available. Selection depends on the quality artificial grass field that you want or the type of exercise depends on you. Bumper undercoat layer of artificial grass is very important to reduce the implicit difficult
In general, you can wear your normal shoes and play on the lawn. Artificial grass can be quickly painted the color of the ball, clothing or other materials not transferred. In contrast to natural grass, characters playing on artificial grass is very stable. Artificial grass land drainage, which is a reasonable way to play after a heavy downpour. If you live in a region where winter is severe, you can use a heating system under your artificial turf and natural grass to artificial turf Knyd.tfavt move the ball on a sustainable basis is declining. Sports that require separate demands on the ground like a javelin and shooting must be done separately. However, artificial grass is always a solution.
Your club, school or local community with activities like parties and events and concerts could use artificial grass that’s used for this purpose for which the resistance is very high. any sport requiring special movements have different specifications of the grass. For this purpose, artificial turf ground especially for any sport. However, if you prefer that several sports to try grass, this is the time to be the only possible provided that technical specifications should be similar to exercise together.
The construction of artificial grass:
In making it colorful beads made of a polymer called polyethylene [pp] or to be so hot to get them off. Then a thermal and ultraviolet stabilizers (balled) gets added to it. Then the mass of the liquid with a single extra perforated dish gets pulled out of the template or to a very thin layer to a few pieces of perforated tape in and is the main structure of the slave gets so that the shoulder of the fiber folks will continue on the formation of the woven cloth made of [pp] ultraviolet stabilized packages of artificial fiber rings, in a line or a backstitch gets laid off and then back to high tax slave. The rings have been cut and perforated fabrics.
The more artificial grass susenha density or shablon plus 3/8 the number of nodes in each meter route 200 number of nodes (which in this case is the 21000 node) and the weight is usually between 2 and 4 kg is set. While drying the latex coating on a hard 90 ° c and then synthetic fibers can be curly or frizzy. in the manufacture of artificial grass height and have different colors (up to 7 cm), and the Green and red and brown colors. For the tennis can even white and yellow and blue.
Install artificial grass:
Cutting: We try to strive to cut even that from behind and between the fiber loop to cut grass page so the knife cut to below the dorsal tissues reached a cantilever or knotted to at least contact the fibers. If the sport involves awkward roll field is dersha with it’s time a layer of glossy or polished 3 cm will be. When the page gets her out and roll the grass leaf should be considered most of these can be on the back page of your artificial grass with a distinctive small arrows.
Artificial grass maintenance: defects or almost complete glue seams tightening between the fibers or even in the wrong places on the page invisible grass can repair. In this case the hurt part probably of the Cannibal cut up (which must be cut to eat). Here it is important that the right fibers are kept. They are fixed to ensure that it is used to bypass the old piece of artificial grass is fresh and exactly the same size the illusion of shape.
Important note:
before installing the grass should be sure to use a layer of geotextile as a protective layer should be used to enhance both the useful life of grass and a retractable water and allowed to rot does not p. p layer and cause the underlying substrate softness that move the ball much more.
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